Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Golden Girl Apples Gallery

When it rains it pours, eh? Here are some pictures of my beautiful Mirabilia's Golden Girl Apples - who I affectionately named Gorja Grace.  She is stiched on 28 count brittany lugana - I dyed it myself using brown Rit Dye - stovetop method. 

Saucy little minx! I left out some of the wording in this pattern on the left the pattern says "organic" the right "picked and shipped" and on top "Golden Girl" - I am not opposed or dislike this phrasing - I just thought she was stunning on her own like this.

Some details on the basket of apples. I like beading a lot, but I think this piece could have skipped or used beads in other places.  The end result is good, but personally I would have like to have seen the little apple orchard trees use red beads (hind sight) by me!



  1. Lovely. I really want to stitch this design! Good work.

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