Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Back on the blogging train

Bad blogger, bad, bad... I haven't posted in over a month.

Truth be told I have been settling into my new life out West.  I have made a few little hikes out into the mountains and it is so beautiful here.

I have been stitching and I did get some things done.  Let's just say pictures after Christmas shall we?

I did finish a stunning round robin - but I wanted to save the picture of the finished product for the owner. I will show you what I stitched though. I got to stitch Garden Beauty:

The good news about this being the last round in the Round Robin means that mine is coming home soon! I am super excited to get it back! I have signed up for another Mirabilia Round Robin for 2013 and it is going to be 4 patterns of 5000 stitch blocks - the one from this year was 8 patterns in 2500 stitch blocks.  Here is the outline that I chose.

The fabric is called Spring Breeze and is by Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. I had some help in the layout of the design from a dear friend - and amazing cross stitch artist Tracy J. She has a great blog: Elegant Jewels of the Needle. The bee is from Mirabilia's Tree of Hope. The patterns I have chosen for this RR is Villa Mirabilia, Lady Hera, Crystal Symphony and Athena. 

I finally have started what is probably one of my favorite Mirabilia's ever. The very first piece of hand dyed fabric I ever bought (which was actually only January 2012) was for this pattern...and I just never started it until now. That pattern is Red Lady Pirate.  I love her. I have named her Charlotte (not to be confused with the pattern named Charlotte).  She is vicious and beautiful and very strong.  I started her around mid-Nov took a break to finish other things and here she sits today on Pacific Sunset from Sunny Dyes fabric

As you can see I have a fair bit done.  I love the Waterlilies silk - the water and the mountains. So amazing to work with and the effect is WOW.  I am doing her skin two threads over 1 in a tent stitch - which I'm just going to refer to as 1 over 1 or petite point from now on.  This is stunning. I don't know that I will ever do skin 2 over 2 again.  

I found out today that I won a prize! I have to brag - blogging is so much fun. I got to choose one of Nancy Turner's Christmas designs from below.  Her blog and store is called Victorian Motto Shoppe.  I have just discovered her not too long ago through her blog and I love the primitive stuff. I am completely in love with her coffee and spice bag kits.  Out of these I chose the Jolly Reindeer. Thank you Nancy! 

Well I better get back to stitching now... Thank you for being patient with me in putting up new posts....I really must do so more often! xoxo