Thursday, 21 June 2012

This and that...

I have been doing some stitching on my latest Nora Corbett creation since I finished The Bliss Fairy.  I decided to do a pixie for my daughter Kailee. She had originally chose Jade Blue, but I have the pattern on back order so I decided to work on Peony instead. I had been saving a special piece of Crafty Kitten Apricot Blush for this pixie.

She is coming along really well.  I did run out of Kreinik for her wing - Oh Darn! Another trip to the LNS (local needle store) - which happens to be Because You Count in Moncton, NB for me! 

I tried my hand at lacing and framed Lavender for Chelsea. I got a great deal at Michaels on three identical 8x12" frames - $5 each! So I snatched them up for my girl's bedrooms. 

Down at the bottom I added a little silver heart that I picked up the at LNS that says "Made with love".

I am working on round four of my eight person Mirabilia Round Robin.  I recently saw a picture of my RR and where it stands after round 3. I am very happy with the way it has turned out so far!  Thank you Stephanie and Sophia for making it so special so far! Stephanie did Stargazer, I did The Kiss and Sophia did a girl from Circle of Friends!  

I recently had my mom ask me to stitch her a Told in a Garden pattern.  I said I would, and that lead to her ordering two... and then she started looking at my friend Sharon`s finished Stargazer pattern and that was it - she fell in love. I am now going to be stitching Stargazer for my mom at some point. This is probably going to be around the first of August because we are waiting for the Picture This Plus Christmas in July sale - she has chosen Phantom for me to stitch Stargazer on. I think it will be stunning. 

I have no idea what I am going to stitch next after Peony. I have seven new patterns on the way.  (I know but they were all amazingly good deals!) For now, I will finish Peony and wait and see what pattern shows up in addition to matching it up with the perfect fabric! 

Monday, 11 June 2012

A Blissful Finish

She is done. She is finally done. I had a bit of a hard time finishing her wings - my fault - went a bit off pattern, which always turns out harder to correct than you think it should.  I am happy to share with you... My Bliss Fairy!

She is on beautiful 28 count jazlyn Summer Sky by Crafty Kitten. I made a few changes to the original pattern:

I gave her an opened eye and changed the arc of her eyebrow. I also changed the blue beads - they called for Magnifica Sky Blues - but I used a glass seeds - I will check on the colour and update it here. 

Although not evident here I added glisten gloss to her wings blended with the lightest colour yellow. This design, surprisingly has no Kreinik!

I also left out the anthers (thank you google) on the flowers. I stitched them all and when I took a step back I found them very distracting to the overall design. I unpicked them all! 

Overall I love this design. I'm very happy with the way she turned out. I love her colours and she brought me peace in a tumultuous time. On the day I finished her we officially decided to take our house off the market. My husband was offered a full time permanent job in the city we work now - so that takes away that pressure and stress! I am thankful that it all worked out. I believe it was divine intervention that the house didn't sell after all.