Thursday, 24 April 2014

"C" is for Chelsea

It has been a while since I last posted and I have made a bit of progress on various projects.  I actually have a finish to share! (YAY!)

This is Letter's By Nora - Letter C. I did this for my daughter Chelsea.  Chelsea is seven and she chose this fabric - High Noon by Sunny Dyes Fabrics of Youthful Hand Needleworks. I think this turned out really sweet.  It has a lot more back stitching than a typical Nora design, but it really made the design pop.

I used for the most part the called for threads, I did substitute the flower for a variegated DMC that I had. Chelsea chose this as well. 

I love this shot.  I like being able to see the blending of the colours on the fabric mixed with thread and beads.
Another pretty close up shot

I have also continued to do work on Persephone.  I have had a lot of fussy bits to do....her hair, her collar on her dress, the flower on her arm....glad to be done those parts. I think she is turning out really pretty and I am back to enjoying working on her again.

Persephone by Mirabilia on Dusty Apricot by Crafty Kitten Fabrics
Also, I really immersed myself into the AAN piece called Arabesco.  It is my first AAN and my first abstract design really. I am done the center part - which I chose Polar Ice Waterlillies by Caron.  I am doing the middle layer in DMC 930 and the outside layer will be in DMC 932.  This piece is being stitched on Ice Princess by Under the Sea fabrics.

Finally a little Easter treat for myself. I got some pieces framed. Our local framing shop will allow you to bring in store bought frames and put the pieces in for you! I picked up frames for these after Christmas with the intention of doing it myself, but I never got around to it.  So finally I dropped them off and a few days later I'm so glad I did! Here is Charlotte and Queen Mermaid. 

As you can see they sit nicely on the wall with my Red Lady Pirate.  

I am anxiously awaiting a package from Colours By Lalena which has a whole bunch of goodies for me to work on...mainly my Rosewood Manor Autumn Sampler, my next installment of the Frosty Forest and two new Nora Corbett patterns.  

Remember to just keep stitching and thanks for reading!