Thursday, 12 June 2014

Trip to Toronto and narrowing down the WIPS

My work has an annual training conference in Toronto towards the end of May. Lucky for me, my best friend lives in Toronto - well I'd be luckier if she lived in Moncton here with me... But I always try to take advantage and stay in the city a little longer and spend the weekend with Sharon.  We get up to lots of trouble - mostly this involves beads, bling, chocolate and well...some real crazies on the public transit system.

While I was in Toronto our must stop was to BeadFX.  We probably spent well over and hour there picking out little treasures to add to our stash.  I really enjoy these embellishments and use them to enhance my pieces and make them unique.

Sharon, like myself is a huge Mirabilia, Nora Corbett fan.  She was working on Cassiopeia when I was visiting and I was working on Persephone.  Although, foolishly we didn't get a picture of us together, we did take a picture of our pieces together.  Of course, both of these projects are on Crafty Kitten fabric. Sharon's is on Nov 2013 Ltd. Edition and mine is on Apricot Blush. 

I also brought with me my Frosty Forest piece. I am caught up again and awaiting my next pattern from Colours By Lalena to arrive.  I also have some new Gingher scissors on order from Lalena with some other goodies.... let's just say we keep an open order going, shall we? Three more blocks to go!

Right before I went to Toronto I actually finished Abrabesco by Alessandra Adelaide Needlworks.  This is stitched on 32 count lugana Ice Princess by Under the Sea fabrics.  I used DMC 930, 932 as well as a Caron Waterlilly called Polar Ice.  My favorite thing about stitching this design was becoming more familiar with the designer. Alessandra is an active participant in her Facebook group and she loves seeing her work come to life in all colours and forms. She is a lovely, caring, engaged designer and I'm looking forward do doing more of her work in the future.

So right now I am still working on Persephone and I am working on Rosewood Manor Autumn Sampler as well. I am itching for a new start but I am trying to hold off because the Frosty Forest installment will be here soon and I have letter's J and K from Nora's new mermaid series coming.  I know my daughter Kailee is going to want me to do her letter "K" for her.  

I seriously need to update this blog more. I have so much I want to say and add but it always surprises me how much stitching updates I have to share with everyone.  Again, thanks for stopping in... I hope you enjoy the stitching and I will try to give more frequent updates from now on... xox