Friday, 21 September 2012

Saying goodbye and new beginnings

Time is ticking away quickly.  I am moving from New Brunswick to Alberta in less than two weeks.  Every time I do something now, I wonder if it is my "last time".

I think I had my last time at my local needle shop today (LNS). This shop has been there for me since I moved to Moncton 10 years ago.  The store is called Because You Count.  I love this store.  The owners, Jeannie and Shelly have an amazing business - I love it there. You visit and you can shop and browse for hours - or sit at the table and have a chat as I have over many lunch hours.  All the staff is wonderful. They know me by name.

They don't have a website but they do mail out orders! Always a phone call away:  506-856-8282. Today when I said my goodbyes I was given hugs - it was hard not to have a few tears by me. As a stitcher, having their support has been so wonderful!

I took a few pictures to share with you all of my beautiful LNS - Because you Count in Moncton, NB.

Jeannie and Wanda behind the counter. Love you guys!

I really only needed a few flosses... but I bought myself a few treats. I have a very special group of four friends - so I got us each a small Just Nan pattern and a little lady bug charm to go with...and I indulged in an  extra package of JJ Petit's and I bought a Little House Needle Works pattern just because!

In case I don't get a chance to blog again before I move... I will see you all soon! I plan on being settled around the 3rd week of October.  

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rose Celebration!

I just wanted a quick little update to show you the latest edition on my Round Robin.  This square is Rose Celebration - stitched by Tracy Griffin.

I am over the moon with how this is turning out overall.  The theme of "deep breath moments" is really coming together.  

I had some very big news this week. Due to some working circumstances surrounding my husband's job, we have decided to move to Calgary - in a month - leaving Oct 3rd - house sold or not. We are going.  It terrifying, a bit sad and exciting too.  We are only taking 2 small trailers of stuff with us.  

I haven't gotten a lot done on stitching because of this.  I did pick up my Farmer's Market for a change of pace and got some done there.  I also have a bit more done on Dressmaker's Daughter.  I will try to post new pictures soon. 

Because we are moving I am going to have a bit more cross stitching stuff to give away. I will try to post all of it here soon so I can get it out in the mail.