Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rose Celebration!

I just wanted a quick little update to show you the latest edition on my Round Robin.  This square is Rose Celebration - stitched by Tracy Griffin.

I am over the moon with how this is turning out overall.  The theme of "deep breath moments" is really coming together.  

I had some very big news this week. Due to some working circumstances surrounding my husband's job, we have decided to move to Calgary - in a month - leaving Oct 3rd - house sold or not. We are going.  It terrifying, a bit sad and exciting too.  We are only taking 2 small trailers of stuff with us.  

I haven't gotten a lot done on stitching because of this.  I did pick up my Farmer's Market for a change of pace and got some done there.  I also have a bit more done on Dressmaker's Daughter.  I will try to post new pictures soon. 

Because we are moving I am going to have a bit more cross stitching stuff to give away. I will try to post all of it here soon so I can get it out in the mail. 


  1. Cute design and wow, a move to Calgary, how exciting!!!

  2. Beautiful round robin, and wow, that's exciting that you're moving! Good luck!