Monday, 27 August 2012

Winter is finally here!...okay not really

I finished the Winter stitching on Dressmaker's Daughter this weekend.  I have decided for the time being to not add the beads because I think it will make it too heavy to stitch the other three dresses. 

Again this is stitched on 28 count Light Amaretto evenweave - most likely lugana. I did get a start on the Spring dress - but want a bit more done before I share a photo.

My family and I went away this weekend to my grandparent's camp. It has electricity - but no running water (yup Outhouse!). What a great way to get some peace and quiet and stitching time.  That is how I found the time to finish this.  It was such a great night that we are going to go back this week - but just hubby and me. I see stitching and naps in hammock in my future! We bought two hammocks when we were in Mexico our our honeymoon - 9+ years ago - first time using it was this weekend. It was so awesome though.

No the Rhythm didn't get me this weekend. *sigh* I have no idea when I will finish her. Really it is about me wanting to bead and I haven't felt like it lately - although I normally do love beading.


Okay - I owe you guys a give-a-way. I have reached 54 followers and I am thrilled with this! I love this blog - such a great creative outlet and I'm so happy I have some people that want to read it. So I am going to have a give away. I even know what I want to give away - but I don't have pictures.... so bear with me. This week. I promise!

BUT I do have another give away you can sign up for! I have a blog that I love to follow called "The Crafty Moo!" Sarah is having a huge giveaway because it is going to be her birthday. Stitchers are super generous friends - so I want to lead you over to her blog and give her a holler!

Just keep stitching everyone! Just keep stitching.