Monday, 23 July 2012

Pleased to post... Peony Pixie

My Kreinik finally came in and I took the opportunity to finish Peony right away. She is so gorgeous. Love the bright and happy colours. I stitched this for my 8 year old daughter Kailee.  I have the frame ready to go but my husband used my foam core board to cover the window for the air I hear a trip to Michael's in my future?

With out any further ado, here is little Peony by Nora Corbett....stitched on 28 count Apricot Blush by Crafty Kitten.

What else is new on the agenda? I have been working away at Farmer's Market - still stitching in hand - still loving it. I am expecting to get my next RR to work on any minute - it is mermaid tails - so that should be a fun one to do.... despite all this I still have a hankering to work on a new start.... Dressmaker's Daughter by Mirabilia. Have you guys seen this? Wow. I have the floss, the beads, the pattern, the fabric  and today I finally got the Waterlilies. Very excited to have Waterlilies in my collection.  There are two Crescent Colours in there - that is for my Rhythm's hair. 

Now the only choice is what fabric - I have three contenders. One is Deep Teal, one is Deep Teal with a blue overdye and the third is called light Amaretto. Here is the Teal with blue and the Amaretto with the background colour for the dress boxes: 

I have gotten a lot of feedback from my Facebook friends and the vote is split. I am leaning towards the amaretto because I think it will be an easier colour to use in my decorating for the future once it is framed. Also another member in our Facebook group is doing it on deep teal - it is stunning - however, I feel I must be a little different. 

Today Nora generously showed us a sketch of a future project she is working on.  I am so grateful that Nora  feels comfortable and trusting in our Facebook group and loves her Mira Minions enough to show us a peek into her life.  Thanks Nora. We love you. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Update city!

It is odd for me to be switching around from project to project, but so I have been and so I have been enjoying.  I just really wanted to post some updated pictures! 

First up: I started "Farmer's Market" by Told in A Garden. I am stitching this as a companion piece to go with "Bird In Hand". This is for my mom.  Both pieces are stitched on 25 count floba in Oatmeal.  The fabric is thick and heavy.  Interestingly enough, I was struggling with the needles (my JJ Petites were feeling flimsy) so I am using a bigger needle and I started stitching in hand - and I love it.  I think it has to do with the fabric itself and I will still use my hoops for Mira's right now, but for this project - in hand it is!  

This is the beginning of Farmer's Market....

Here is the final product of Bird in Hand (not framed)....

I also got a very exciting update on my Round Robin today! It is 1/2 way finished. I am so pumped. It is so gorgeous. The girls are doing an amazing job! The theme is "Deep breath moments".... So far so good! 

Tanya did the block I chose from Spring Topiary Garden.  This was a last minute decision to add this pattern in and I am so glad. She is so pretty!

I have done some additional work on Rhythm - but I don't have a picture to post - next update! 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I got Rhythm....

Well as I sit waiting for my Kreinik to come in for Peony I decided to start Rhythm. This is a Muse designed by Nora. I love the colours in her and I couldn't wait to just jump in with two feet. I am using a wonderfully soft piece of Week's Dye Works 30 count linen in Tiger's Eye that was gifted to me by my bestie Sharon Attwells.

This design moves fast!
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

See what I mean? She is so much fun to work on.  I am waiting on two speciality threads to do her hair.  I also finished a RR block too.  I was working on Melissa Miller's Pixie RR - which is adorable! Here is my contribution - I did Lavender - not very original on my part - but I did have all the supplies on hand:

The next RR I get to work on is Mermaid Tails! I am looking forward to that one. Should be blingtastic.

I recently got all the DMC and beads to start Dress Maker's Daughter. I am waiting on the Waterlilies but they are on order. I do plan on making that my next major Mirabilia start. 

I also got the fabric needed to start Farmer's Market - which is a Told in a Garden design.  (Oh my a non-Nora!) I do occasionally do non-Nora designs. I am looking forward to starting Farmer's Market and will work on it after I get Rhythm done.  So much stitching! So little time! .... but I got Rhythm....I got music
I got my man...Who could ask for anything more ?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Peony progress

Happy July everyone. Summer has been kind to me so far. I haven't been doing a lot of stitching per say - but a lot of planning, kitting and organizing. I can say after two long weekends away I have finished the stitching on Peony - well as much as I can for the moment. I am still missing some kreinik to finish the wing - it is on order at my local needle shop and I don't have my beads on hand - that will be a treat for later on this week.  So here she is for now:

She is stitched on 28 count Apricot Blush by Crafty Kitten.  So much prettier than this picture shows.  I love this colour fabric.

So what is next for me? I have a RR block to finish - the RR in my possession right now is a pixie RR and I think I am just going to do the Lavender block because I have the materials on hand.  My mother has also taken a great interest in my stitching and has asked me to do a Told In A Garden piece for her called Farmer's Market - this is a companion piece to the one I finished for her called Bird in Hand.  I also ordered all the materials for Dressmaker's Daughter! How completely exciting. I just feel like I have so much stitching to do! I can't wait to get started on something new!

I also wanted to point out my new tag on the left - It says Mira Minion.  What is a Mira Minion you ask? It's a little fun thing we came up in my Facebook group: Mirabilia Designs - Nora Corbett.  When the last design was released we realized that we were a little obsessive - or minion like.  Here is the definition: minion is a follower devoted to serve his/her master relentlessly. Okay - yup that is us. So therefore we decided to brand ourselves with it. I love Nora and all her work and I am happy to call myself a Mira Minion.