Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I got Rhythm....

Well as I sit waiting for my Kreinik to come in for Peony I decided to start Rhythm. This is a Muse designed by Nora. I love the colours in her and I couldn't wait to just jump in with two feet. I am using a wonderfully soft piece of Week's Dye Works 30 count linen in Tiger's Eye that was gifted to me by my bestie Sharon Attwells.

This design moves fast!
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

See what I mean? She is so much fun to work on.  I am waiting on two speciality threads to do her hair.  I also finished a RR block too.  I was working on Melissa Miller's Pixie RR - which is adorable! Here is my contribution - I did Lavender - not very original on my part - but I did have all the supplies on hand:

The next RR I get to work on is Mermaid Tails! I am looking forward to that one. Should be blingtastic.

I recently got all the DMC and beads to start Dress Maker's Daughter. I am waiting on the Waterlilies but they are on order. I do plan on making that my next major Mirabilia start. 

I also got the fabric needed to start Farmer's Market - which is a Told in a Garden design.  (Oh my a non-Nora!) I do occasionally do non-Nora designs. I am looking forward to starting Farmer's Market and will work on it after I get Rhythm done.  So much stitching! So little time! .... but I got Rhythm....I got music
I got my man...Who could ask for anything more ?


  1. Oh she looks great! I know the feeling of adoring a project and working on it constantly. :) I'm doing that now with a charity square.


  2. Totally loving the muses right now! So fast!

    I sure hope you get your Kreinik for Peony soon, cuz I wanna see her finished!

  3. Lovely stitching!!!!! Dressmakers daughter is all kitted here.......

  4. Your needle has been smoking! Wonderful progress on Rhythm. Her colours are just gorgeous! Beautiful RR block you've stitched too.

    I'm dying to see your DMD start. Such a gorgeous design.


  5. Wow your new Mira is stitching up fast and everything looks great!