Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Autumn Glow, Frosty Forest and other updates

Nothing is better this time of year, given our terrible cold and snowy weather, than nice long blocks of stitching time.  I just collected my updates for this blog and realized I look pretty productive - stitching wise - but I have terrible weather to thank for that.

Yay! First finish of 2014 is here.  Miss Autumn Glow is done.  She is stitched up on Mystical Garden Opal by Crafty Kitten.   She really stitched up lovely. I decided to do her wings over 1 thread - but I still got great coverage - just a little more opaque.  I also used a glisten gloss with the darkest two yellow colours in her wings - very subtle but added a bit more shine.  Her beads are lovely - although there were about 3 colours of brown/orange that really could have just been one colour because they were so similar.

Added a little face. Love the mill hill treasures but I find the leave a tad big - if I hadn't of bought the bead pack I would have skipped them....

Wings stitched 1 thread over 2 but they still covered really well!

The other side!
Pretty little Autumn Glow Fairy.....
I have started keeping a project at work - which was Autumn Glow - so I'm ready to start another. I was going to do another seasonal fairy right away but my seven year old daughter has been asking for "C" from Letters by Nora.  Chelsea chose some very interesting fabric, but I think it will look really good because the pattern is a solid background. This is my floss toss on Sunny Dyes High Noon.

Finally I wanted to show off my other projects that are in rotation. I am working on Frosty Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks. I have my first block done - Raccoon Cabin. This is being stitched on Foggy Morning Opal 32 linen by Crafty Kitten. I have most of the 2nd block done and the third is en route via Colours by Lalena.

Also I have an update on Persephone. I tend to work on this when I have larger chunks of time - like Hockey games.... She is coming along beautifully, in my opinion! She has a face - courtesy of the Superbowl. I am not really looking forward to all the confetti in her hair but it will be beautiful when I get there!

I had the privilege of going away for a retreat with six friends over the weekend. We started a project for that weekend and subsequent get togethers. I chose the Autumn Mystery Sampler from Pam Kellogg - which looks very much like my cat, Bella. Here is what I got done (Sorry for the blurry photo!)

Getting away with friends is so much fun and such a privilege.  Thanks to my ladies for lot of laughs...LOTS of laughs.  I look forward to getting together with them again soon so we can finish up our projects!