Friday, 3 August 2012

Something is fishy....

In three more hours I am on vacation for 9 blissful days! I am looking forward to spending time with my family.  I don't think we are doing anything too fancy - just the way I want it!

This week I have been working on lots of different projects.  I started unofficially rotating things.... Never thought I would do it, but here I am.

This week I have started and finished by next RR (Round Robin) block.  This piece is Emerald Mermaid's Tail by Mirabilia on Tracy Griffin's Mermaid Tail RR (all tails are Mirabilia patterns by Nora Corbett).

Here is the full Round Robin

I also have done some work on Rhythm.  I took out the back stitching - I decided I wanted a better colour.  I haven't yet decided what to use - I'm thinking something around a 434? I also started working on the wings and the bustle is officially finished. I was particularly happy to get a compliment on my fabric choice from Nora herself this week.  Makes a minion shine to get a compliment like that! The colour of the fabric for reference is Weeks Dye Works, Tiger Eye - 30 count linen. 

Ah! But wait - there is more. I have also been working on Farmer's Market. I haven't done much on it this week but there is a significant change since my last photo so I thought I would show this one too. 

I also started Dressmaker's Daughter. I decided to go with the Light Amaretto but there isn't much to show yet. Just a whole lot of 211! I will save a photo for the next post. 

I also got my Crafty Kitten order this week. Four new fantastic fabrics. I am so pleased - again - wow.  Just great work by Dawn Munday.  I can't rave enough about Crafty Kitten fabric - if you haven't used one yet - get one and you will be converted! 

Two hours and fifty minutes left until vacation!..... tick, tock!  

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  1. Would it sound fishy if I said I like your tail??
    tee hee

    Have a great vacation!!