Friday, 21 September 2012

Saying goodbye and new beginnings

Time is ticking away quickly.  I am moving from New Brunswick to Alberta in less than two weeks.  Every time I do something now, I wonder if it is my "last time".

I think I had my last time at my local needle shop today (LNS). This shop has been there for me since I moved to Moncton 10 years ago.  The store is called Because You Count.  I love this store.  The owners, Jeannie and Shelly have an amazing business - I love it there. You visit and you can shop and browse for hours - or sit at the table and have a chat as I have over many lunch hours.  All the staff is wonderful. They know me by name.

They don't have a website but they do mail out orders! Always a phone call away:  506-856-8282. Today when I said my goodbyes I was given hugs - it was hard not to have a few tears by me. As a stitcher, having their support has been so wonderful!

I took a few pictures to share with you all of my beautiful LNS - Because you Count in Moncton, NB.

Jeannie and Wanda behind the counter. Love you guys!

I really only needed a few flosses... but I bought myself a few treats. I have a very special group of four friends - so I got us each a small Just Nan pattern and a little lady bug charm to go with...and I indulged in an  extra package of JJ Petit's and I bought a Little House Needle Works pattern just because!

In case I don't get a chance to blog again before I move... I will see you all soon! I plan on being settled around the 3rd week of October.  


  1. I wish you safe travels and look forward to seeing you on Facebook and around the web!

  2. Lovely shop and lovely sentiment. You'd have to drag me kicking and screaming away from my LNS.

    I hope your move goes smoothly and you're back on the cyber-stitchy front soon.

    *hugs and stitches*

  3. This shop looks great. Wish I had a LNS here, but I have to do all my stitchy shopping online.

    Best of luck with your move and your new home. Have a safe trip.

  4. I need to find a good LNS, yours looks great! And good luck on the move!

  5. I just saw your note on Superstar Serial Starters and imagine my surprise when I saw this pic and realized it is my LNS too!! I don't live in Moncton, but try to make a trip to Because You Count a few times a year. The staff are truly are very friendly.

    Best of luck on your move to Alberta! It seems everyone is moving in that direction these days....

  6. what a great LNS! i would spend hours just looking at all the stitched pieces !

    good luck on your move ! =)

  7. What a wonderful little shop! Good luck with your move... I hope it goes well for you!