Friday, 2 November 2012

November already? Where did October go?

Oh yes, October went west. I am officially home in Calgary Alberta.  It took us one full week of driving about 8 hours a day, but we made it.  We had 2 flats - one blow out on the U haul crossing Manitoba and a slow leak in my car in Saskatchewan.  The girls were very good.  Incredible little travelers really.

So here I sit - blogging away - I have a home office now - which I really love.  It is my little sanctuary in the house. I keep my work stuff in there, but also my scrap booking stuff - which I have yet to use and of course my stitching stuff.

I have managed to get some things done while I have been absent - let me show you....

First we have Dress Maker's Daughter by Mirabilia. I finally finished Spring - minus the beads.  This project is going to go away for a while. I have decided to make a new start before I begin the second half.  It is a lot stitching in this solid piece. It is beautiful but I hope not to see DMC 819 for a long time!

I stitched another RR block - this RR the owner asked we leave the beads off.  It is a beautiful and very interesting RR that doesn't stick with the conventional "cameos".  My block was from Mermaids of the Deep Blue.

I did start a new project. It is a Christmas piece called "The Spirit of Christmas" by Lynda Orme and it is from Cross-Stitch & Needlework 2010.  I am stitching it on a self dyed piece using DMC verigated #99 for the red. Incidentally, I ran out of the red and can't find it anywhere locally. Luckily, a friend from a stitching group offered to send me some! Thank you! When it is done, I plan on shipping it to my mom who is going to make it into a wall hanging. 

I also had a chance to try my hand at framing. This is my first time framing something so big and I am pretty happy with the way they turned out. I had these frames on hand.  So now Scent of Old Roses and Golden Girl Apples are on display in my home.

I also have a very well deserved, special finish to share with you - but she deserves her own post! I started working on Red Lady Pirate last night and I also have been preparing for my next Round Robin which is to start in January 2013. 

Thanks for taking a look!

Oh - there is a give away - wanna sign up? Go see Victorian Motto Sample Shop blog - tell them I sent you please! It gives me more entries.



  1. Love the dressmaker's daughter design!!! So so wish I could have joined this SAL... The girl apples is great too!! Lovely stitching, Mii xx

  2. I'm glad to hear you made it to Calgary safely. I'm sure the two flat tires were a bit of a pain though. Your stitching looks beautiful and I love Dressmaker's Daughter! Great job at your first attempt at framing! They look great! :)

  3. Lovely!!!!! DD looks wonderful and I can't wait to see more!!!! Great framing!!!!!!

  4. Who gets to keep the RR at the end? Does it go to charity? Love the block design set up in that one. Especially love the mermaid tail at the bottom.