Friday, 22 November 2013

All hail the Queen Mermaid

I am proud to present in her full glory Mirabilia's Queen Mermaid on Crafty Kitten's 32 count Aurora (murano).  She is glorious and dripping with luxury.  She has always been on my must do list but it became really possible for me when my amazing friend Sharon Attwells gifted me the "bling" to finish kitting her up.  I had the pattern, I had the fabric... beads in hand - how could I not?

I started her around the first of February. She was a new start for my new life - and how appropriate given her stateliness and proud demeanor.  With that said, I didn't finish her until September.  I had started several other projects along the way and she got a little neglected for the summer.

I decided to do her skin 2 threads over 1 tent stitch. I tent stitch in the opposite direction as my top stitch. I think it adds the dimension and it flows more naturally to me. This took a very long time and overall I feel it was worth it.  Also I changed her eye. I adapted this eye after looking at many other Mirabilia designed patterns. I felt this eye fit more with my over 1 look. I also added crystal bicones to her choker and earring. 

The original pattern suggests stitching a cute little purse because every girl, even a mermaid queen needs a good purse, but in May I was privileged enough to visit with Sharon in Toronto and she took me to BeadFX. Now that is a fun store! I found this amazing cloisonne scalloped shell bead for her and it was a "MUST HAVE THIS" moment.

I also changed a few of her bead colours. One of the colours in her hair was a pearl coloured bead. I decided to go with the clear in a petite. I also changed added some white beads as well. It was more based on choice of fabric.  Her tail is dripping with beads, purples, greens, grey. She has lots of tear drop treasures... There is one thing I know for sure, she is truly deserving of the title Queen Mermaid. 

Hope you enjoy my Queen Mermaid. I have two large Mirabilia WIPS on the go right now - June's Pearl Fairy and Charlotte. They have take a back burner to some smaller projects for the moment but I hope to get back to them very soon! 


  1. She is truly stunning! I love all the embellishments, and her skin looks fantastic! Beautiful job:)

  2. Her eyes look beautiful, and I quite like her eyebrow as well. The seashell is adorable, and it's perfect for her. Well done.

  3. She's beautiful.
    Love the chnages you've made.