Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New beginnings.

November 19th must seem like an odd time to make a new start - perhaps - but really it is as good a day as any.  Let me start off by apologizing for virtually abandoning this blog. It was never my intention. I actually love this blog but since my last post my life has changed in nearly every aspect.

So this post will be about me - and maybe a little bit about stitching.

Last told I had just moved to Calgary, Alberta; however, in January 2013 I decided to move back home with my daughters and leave my husband.  The relationship had reached its expiry date.  There wasn't one big thing that ended it all - just a realization that there was nothing left anymore. So me and the girls moved to Sackville, New Brunswick.  It is where my sister lived and central to most of my relatives. I found a nice little bungalow on a lake and got my life settled again.

My backyard on the lake

Living on my own was really empowering and one of the first things I noticed was that I felt free again. Less stress, less self loathing and guilt.  I got a cat! Her name is Bella. She was a shelter rescue.

Bella watching birds.
In March I decided I was going to look around on some dating sites and see what was out there. I had spent 14 years with my ex-husband and this time I was going date - find someone amazing and it didn't matter how long it took.  I wanted it to be right.

There are a lot of creeps out there... tip: if the message starts with "Hey baby..." move on.  March 30th about 8pm I got a message but it didn't start with "Hey baby"... in fact it wasn't like any message I had gotten yet (and I was getting quite a few).  It was an introduction and an invitation to share stories because somehow this guy saw right through my profile and basically unlocked my guard immediately.  He too, recently separated was looking for someone to trust and befriend like me.  After less than an hour we moved to Facebook.  If he didn't run after seeing all those posts and pictures of me than I figured we could maybe be friends.  By 2am that night I had to sign off but I was scared because I didn't want to stop talking to him. What if he disappeared over night?

He didn't disappear. He became my best friend instantly and my heart was set on fire. We met about a week or so later - keeping in mind we talked for 3 or 4 hours on the phone every night.  We were both afraid because we had both been hurt by our marriages... but there was something amazing there. That is the story of John and me.

We have been together ever since and I have never loved or been loved like I am now. He took all the crap I dealt with and just washed it away.  So now, I have two little girls, John has two little boys and collectively we have one full minivan! Things were going so well that the girls and I moved in with John and the boys in August.  It allowed me to go back to work full time in the office. It helped us both with expenses and of course we could be together full time. 

All this time I have been stitching and all of it is on Facebook.  I am going to take some time and make a post with my 2013 finishes in it. So thank you to anyone that is still listening.  I will try to be a better blogger.  
And remember..... 


  1. Welcome Back. A great first post.

  2. Awesome!! True Love's Kiss!!

  3. What an amazing story. I actually teared up reading. I am so glad you have found happiness in your life again. You are an amazing woman, and you deserve the best there is. (((Hugs)))

  4. Your story of braveness, tenacity and empowerment to seek happiness in life was inspiring! You go girl!

    Great to have you back and all the very best wishes in your "New Start" in life :)


  5. That's wonderful, I'm so pleased that you are happy! I met my husband online and he's my soul mate. You've made some really brave decisions and they have worked out wonderfully!

    You are someone to be admired!

  6. Congratulations on your new relationship. Great to see you again xx