Thursday, 2 January 2014

A few fine finishes to close out 2013

For most stitchers that I know, there is a rush to the finish when a year comes to close. I think there is many reasons for that. For me it is the satisfaction on getting closure on a project and allowing yourself to start something new without that nagging feeling that something was left behind.

I have a few finishes to show you to cap off my 2013 year of stitching.

First up is Nora Corbett's Hummingbird.  This is part of the Audubon Street Collection.  I suspect there will be six patterns in total with as of date (01/02/2014) four being released. I have always loved little song birds and my goal is to do all six of these pieces on one fabric.  I did Hummingbird as a Christmas gift for my step-mother and my father as their property is swarming with hummingbird activities during the summer.  It was stitched on an early piece of fabric by Hand Dyed Fabrics By Stephanie which doesn't have a name.

Nora Corbett's Hummingbird stitched on a 28 count evenweave by Hand Dyed Fabrics By Stephanie
I simplified the border, choosing only to do the scroll work on the top of the pattern.

The colours are fun and lively and the bit of Kreinik in the bird makes him sparkle like a real hummingbird does.

A few beads to highlight the flower

I also managed to finish, to my surprise, Mermaid Azure by Nora Corbett.  This little siren of the sea is sassy and sweet at the same time. I was hoping to finish stitching only pre-New Years Eve and I just started beading on Dec 29th until I was done. Wow - that was a lot of beads. Azure is stitched on a gorgeous piece of 32 count opal belfast linen called "Tropical Breeze" by Crafty Kitten. Linen and I are not that friendly. I manage but it isn't my favorite nor fastest fabric to stitch on. With that said, the colours in this opal belfast are to "dye" for and I just needed to have it in linen. 

Mermaid Azure on 32 count opal  Tropical Breeze by Crafty Kitten

Beautiful pallet of colours in this little mermaid

I love this photo - great example of colours in combination. 

There are so many beads in this mermaid. I really can't capture just how lush she is. She has seven Mill Hill treasures on her and five different colours of beading. So there we have it. Two more finishes to 2013.  I have one more big one to add before we start the New Year fresh! Stay tuned for Charlotte! 

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