Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, New Mira

Welcome 2014! I am so ready to start this new year off. So many great challenges and wins happened for me in 2013 but I am looking forward to starting this year off fresh while being content, happy and in love. I want to thank you for stopping in and reading my blog and sharing my stitching with me. I do love stitching there is such a therapy about it that only stitchers really get.

Me in 2014 - happy and in love <3
I started off right away in 2014 with a new Nora Corbett project. I am doing Faerie Autumn Glow. I have chosen a gorgeous opal brittney by Crafty Kitten called Mystical Garden. I love the vibrant fiery colours of this fairy.  Here is my current progress with my stitching helper, Miss Bella

I am planning do do all four of these seasonal faeries on an opal fabric. Right now I am contemplating wings or no wings.... before I decide I am going to do the full dress and maybe even the beads to see how it feels.

Here are the mock ups I have for the other three fairies. Thanks for help from the Design and Fabric Viewer I was able to find fabrics that I feel coordinate well.

Mock up of Spring Fling on Crafty Kitten Peach Sorbet

Mock up of Summer Love on Crafty Kitten Glacial Ice

Mock up of Winter Dreams on Sunny Dyes Sugar Plum Fairy

Now I have to say the viewer does not have an accurate photo of Sugar Plum Fairy by Sunny Dyes - here is a picture of the actual fabric I am going to use....eventually.

Sugar Plum Fairy - has sparkles painted into the fabric vs. an opal which is weaved through the fabric

After Autumn Glow I would like to start another full size Mirabilia.  I am teetering between Lilly of the Woods and Persephone.  I also have plans to go away and stitch for a weekend coming up with some friends. We are going to do a new start on this weekend away and only work on it while we are together. I believe I am going to start a design I was gifted for Christmas by my friend Katy with a design by Pamela Kellogg called the 2003 Autumn Mystery Sampler... which looks very much like my Bella! 

Thank you Debi R for posting your work - found this photo on Pinterest - hope you don't mind I borrow it! xo

Do you enjoy stitching Mirabilia and Nora Corbett designs? Join me and my friends on facebook in the
Mirabilia - Nora Corbett Group or Pick A Pixie! Nora Corbett Pixie SAL (for any smaller Nora designs) to share your work and see what others are up to! 

So for now, thanks again for reading my blog and just keep stitching.... 


  1. Faerie Autumn is looking good.
    Your set-ups for the others are nice choices.
    OMG! That Pam Kellogg design looks exactly like your cat!!!

  2. I adore your cat :-)
    beautiful fairy, perfect fabric.
    I love fabrics you use.
    ciao Giovanna