Thursday, 2 January 2014


Before 2013 was put to rest, I finished Charlotte by Mirabilia.  I love her colour pallet. This is what Mirabilia has to say about her...

"This treasure of cross stitch is a symphony of fuchsia, teal and lime.
 The pose is one of elegance and quiet contemplation. 
The simple flowing satin shows a subtle sheen and give this piece and Art Nouveau feel."

I started Charlie in September when I was looking for something bright and colourful to work on.  I never actually thought I would stitch this pattern and had her as a part of my overall collection, but the day I was flipping through my book she just cried out to be stitched. So I decided to give it a go.  It was a very enjoyable pattern to work with - deceivingly big. No Kreinik or metallics in her. I made a few changes (of course) I did an open eye and I used some beads from BeadFX to embellish her hair. 

Charlotte by Mirabilia stitched on 32 count murano Sunlit Pool by Crafty Kitten. The lighting in this photo suggests a greyish tone - however, the fabric is mostly greens, yellows and a soft bit of blue. 

Stitched with an open eye and changed her hair treasures to beads I had purchased at BeadFX. This picture if more representative of the fabric colour. 

Love the perspective in this shot

Another view of her face and beads. 

A good representation of the colours

Beautiful Charlie

Now that 2014 is here I have decided to start a smaller pattern. I am doing Fairy Autumn Glow by Nora Corbett.  I am also awaiting some fabric and fibers to do the Frosty Forest series by County Cottage Needleworks. 

Best of love and wishes for 2014, Jocelyn


  1. She's very pretty.
    Love the bling in her hair.

  2. Great Great work so beautiful.
    Happy New Year
    ciao Giovanna
    from Italy

  3. So beautiful!!! I decided I had to stitch her after seeing yours!!! Sheer inspiration !!! Thank you!!!