Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Christmas Flourishes Gallery

Here are some additional pictures of Mirabilia's Christmas Flourishes on Mystery Blue Lugana by Zweigart.

Incidentally, if a pattern doesn't have a name, I like to name them so that they develop their own personalities. I named her Lady Katherine - which I started referring to her as Miss Lady Kate afterwards. Thank you Nora Corbett for designing such amazing patterns!

Her beautiful face.  As you can see there are a TON of beads in and around her head dress.

I love this shot. She dripping with bling. 

This photo is a great example of her size and some more beading details.

Golden swirls - this is Rainbow Gallery (the gold)

The finished project!


  1. This piece is 10 levels of beautiful and I am sure will be an heirloom for generations. You don't know this but I have this one hanging in my living room (but I didn't stitch it, I got it on ebay for $47, can you believe that!)

  2. I keep looking at this one... Waiting for my pattern in the mail. I think it's the most beautiful Mirabilia - hands down.