Friday, 13 April 2012

Cleo is getting there!

I wanted to share an update of "Cleo" again.  I did a lot on her this week early on but sore fingers made me take a two day break from her. I am motivated to finish her now because tomorrow I find out if my sister is having a boy or a girl - and that will determine if this piece is for my sister or my niece...My sister and I decided if its a girl it goes in the nursery, if its another boy she gets to keep her in her bedroom!

All I have left to stitch is a tail fin, some colour in her hair and then its on to beading. I have to admit to a mishap in the mid section - I started from both sides and when I got to the middle it didn't match up. I think I did a pretty good job at fudging though.  BTW, I am using Krenik number 015 HL instead of the suggested 009 #4 braid.  I really like the 015 HL. (Its the darker green you see on top of her tail)

I want to show you a close up of her face. I made some changes from the pattern. I did her with an open eye, gave her an eyebrow and made her lips and chin less square. I think she still looks very Mirabilia after all I used an eye from another pattern, but much less "squinty".

Closer look but blurry - sorry.

I just wanted to finish this little post by saying thank you to everyone for the encouraging comments! My house is officially on the market and as of 5pm today we will have had two showings.  I had a chance to talk to my employer and they seem understanding and supportive.  My boss here in the Atlantic region is going to encourage her counterpart in the West to make room for me out there. That would be so ideal. I love my job and hate the thoughts of leaving the company. 

One last thought - since I am nearing the end with Cleo, I am always planning the next project and there is about three that I keep really wanting to stitch - but over the last two weeks Mirabilia's Bliss Fairy has been calling to me! So I did a floss toss and she is up next! I also have plans on stitching her facial expression a bit different - I am using another Mira eye (an open one) and I arched her brow different so she looks more relaxed in my opinion.... but I am sure I won't be able to show you for awhile, I have to finish Cleo first... but as we are all voyeurs... here is my floss toss.  This is going to be stitched on 28 count Jazlyn "Summer Sky" by Crafty Kitten.

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  1. Cleo is goegeous! Can't wait to see what's next! :)