Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Okay... one last post for today!

I referred to a Round Robin concept a while back and I'm proud to say it has come to fruition.  I have stitched the outline and used the alphabet from Mirabilia's Nouveau Sampler for the title at the bottom. Here is a picture of my Round Robin after I have the outline stitched and my block - Mirabilia's The Kiss stitched up! The outline of my blocks are stitched in pink krenik.

My theme is "Deep Breath Moments" - you know when you need to take a big breath and just exhale.

Here is a close of up my block. The alphabet I used for my name came out of a book I have called 2001 Cross Stitch Essentials.

Since then we have done our first round and Stephanie Corson added Stargazer to my Round Robin. I love Stephanie's work!
Here is a close up of her Stargazer.  She added some extra bling - we Mira lovers have to have lots of bling!

I also wanted to share two pictures of the the work I did in the first round. This is Julie Merten's piece. I stitched the Cottage Garden Fairy. Her theme is Fairies.  She stitched Fairy Treasures in her box. This fabric is from Sparklies and I believe it is February Fabric of the Month from 2012. 


  1. These are so beautiful Jocelyn! It makes me wish I had joined the RR but the truth is I am too OCD to wait every month for my rr to be sent, and to wait a whole year for it to come home would be torture. Someday, I might do a "me, myself and I" rr.

  2. Love seeing all of our round robins starting to take shape! I'm so glad we're in this group together. :)

  3. The RRs are gorgeous! I'm very much looking forward to seeing the squares filled in.


  4. I am so in love with Mirabilia RRs!!! These two are just gorgeous. I love your theme, Jocelyn. :)