Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blissfully unaware.....

Don't you love how cross stitching can just take it all away?  I have been absolutely indulging in my Bliss Fairy. Today I put a few stitches in her at lunch time - in my car - I just needed to close off the world for awhile.  There is an article on Facebook circulating how stitching is equated with stress relief - hmmm... stitchers already know this.  I am looking forward to this week coming to an end.  I have another open house on Saturday and I'm going to take my daughters to see Puss in Boots at the Community Centre. My husband is working Saturday night so I have planned to "meet up" online with some of my stitchy friends for a Google+ hangout.  Yes, stitching is great - but having stitching friends is better!

Mirabilia's Bliss Fairy stitched on Crafty Kitten 28 ct Summer Sky evenweave.


  1. Oh! Saturday night Google meeting?? Hmmm, I should be home and stitching....

  2. Your fairy looks great! This is another pattern that I was not interested in until I saw actual stitching of it! So many Mira's are like that!

  3. How I would LOVE to hang out with some stitchy friends (unfortunately not many in my neck of the woods haha). Have a great time.

    Also, I remember you mention the feet on the bliss fairy seemed huge not so long ago. At first they looked out of proportion to me as well but now that you've got so much more done in combo with the straps on the feet I think they suit much better. They don't look big at all now!

    Happy stitching my dear!

  4. Your Bliss Fairy is looking wonderful! I really can't wait to see more of your updates! I need to stitch her...I have too many I need to stitch, I will never get to them all, lol. :)

    I have never had a Google+ hangout, is it something like a chat-room? I would love to hangout with stitchy friends, online or in real life. I am the only one around here that stitches.

  5. Bliss Fairy looks great! You're inspiring me to start mine. Google meet sounds great. Too bad I live in a completely different time zone.