Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Disciplined Diva? Maybe not....

I like to pride myself on being a disciplined diva - what does that mean? It means I like to have one project at a time and finish it before I start another. I find as my stitching evolves I have moved away from that a bit.  I seem to prefer having one main project and some side tracks. 

I have been working away at Bliss and honestly - the wings got a tad tedious - the colours aren't very vibrant - don't get me wrong -they are beautiful and soft - but the colours weren't inspiring me to stitch.  Regardless - I'm so close to finishing those wings - here is where I left her. 

Thursday night I decided to play with my fabric and patterns.... we do that sometimes, don't we? I have been drawn to the idea of stitching some of Nora's Pixies. I really love Lavender pixie and I had this piece of fabric screaming 'Pick me! Pick me!' - so I started her.  I decided to dedicate the weekend to stitching my heart out on Lavender. It was just flowing - flying off the page and onto my fabric - I now decided that I will see her through to a finish but suspect I will be done before this weekend - I know sounds fast but hubby worked two night shifts this week and I stitching like a mad woman when he is away for the night.

She is stitched on Sugar Maple Fabric's Impressionism (out of business sorry girls) - it is a beautiful fabric. I will say I have a piece of Crafty Kitten's Evening Sky and I find they are quite similar if you are looking for this effect. I have decided this is for my daughter Chelsea. Chelsea is five and she loves purple. After I am done this I am going to do one for my eight year old, Kailee as well.  I haven't stitched anything for my daughters before - although I guess in many ways they are all for my daughters.

Another fun thing! I got accepted into another Round Robin! Its with the Yuku group: The Worldwide Round Robins. This one is slated to start January 2013 - it is a "big box" Mirabilia Round Robin. The boxes are for 5000 stitches opposed to the one I am doing now, which is 2500. This will allow us to do some bigger designs. Look - I know its more than 6 months away - but I have started planning my Round Robin - how can I not? I have decided to do the them "Roses" and I have chosen the patterns: Ashley's Roses, Rose of Sharon, Rose Arbour and Lady of the Mist. Here is a mock up of what I envision so far.... total work in progress here.....the border in the middle is taken from Mirabilia's Garden Muses, just repeated.

I hope to finish Lavender this weekend and get back into stitching Bliss. I know once I get past those wings we will love each other again! 


  1. Bliss is looking amazing, and so is Lavender. You are just moving right along. :)

    I love your layout for the Big Mira RR!! I am wishing I was in your group so I could stitch on it, lol. :) I haven't gotten around to doing my layout yet, though I am pretty sure I am going to do fairies...that may change :)

  2. Wow! You are just blasting Lavender out of your needle! She's gorgeous. Very Erte-Deco-ish. One of my favorites. Don't worry about Bliss. She'll call out to you again before you know it.

    As I said on the RR board, love the layout, wish you were in my group! (But I love my group, too. I guess I want to stitch on everyone's piece. tee hee)

  3. Bliss is stunning. Sweet little pixie. Looks like you're almost done with her. Oooh... Your RR is gonna look so gorgeous. I already like how you've had it arranged.


  4. Your stitching is always so beautiful. You are such an enabler! :-)