Monday, 14 May 2012

Sunflower Fairy DMC Conversion

Recently I had my magazine out with my Sunflower Fairy in it. I had stitched this beautiful little girl for my mother in law for Christmas. She is a fast and easy stitch - but it calls for Valdani's and knowing how little she was I didn't want to invest in the Valdani's. I decided to do a DMC conversion - which I think turned out pretty good. So with that said, I wanted to post my conversion so it doesn't get "lost" in my computer some where.
Valdani - DMC
M49 = 945
M81 = 742 
M90 = 801
O510 = 975
O519 = 3012
O521 = 3685
O526 = 935
v1 = 722/742 blend (the 722 was too orange on its own)
v4 = 780
I didn't like her skin backstitched in brown so I used 3371 however, any peachy colour darker than 945 would do.
I used Krenik 014  as called for
It asked for 018 (Navy) for backstitching but I chose Krenik 850 (left overs from Adia)

40332 Emerald petite = I used 03055
42011 Victorian Gold petite  = used 02011 (Victorian Gold - not petite)
42030 Victorian Copper petite  = used 02019

Please note: now that I'm done I wished I had stiched the skin 1 over 1 - just a suggestion!

It took me just over a week to stitch her - she is small and fun. It was the first Mirabilia I ever gave away. Here is the finished product all framed up!



  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Sunflower is just beautiful. Your conversion has worked really well.

    Love how your Bliss Fairy is looking too.

    Happy stitching!

  2. da bomb....thanks for sharing the conversion and yup I won't do the Valdani either. Not for this small of a stitch.
    I just followed your blog, girlfriend!!!!


  3. Thank you for sharing the conversion! I cannot wait to stitch her for myself (I love sunflowers), and yours turned out beautiful!

  4. Thank you ,so so much! I have had the pattern since the magazine came out but really did not want to buy all the Valdani threads. This is PERFECT! What a wonderful present to get :) .

  5. Hi! Just found your conversion... what count fabric did you use? Your piece is gorgeous... I am tempted to start her!