Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lovely Lavender Pixie

I love Lavender. It's not something I initially appreciated but in time I have come to love the soothing and relaxing smell - especially in a crazy stressed out world.  I recently needed a break from my Bliss Fairy and decided to work on a pixie - my first - not my last! So, with that said, I proudly present: Lavender by Nora Corbett. This little lady stitched up in 1 week from start to finish. I loved every stitch of it.

She was stitched on a piece of 28 count Impressionism by Sugar Maple Fabrics.  My favorite part of this pattern is the way Nora designed the wings to look opaque even though they are stitched solid. Amazing a little colour trick can do!

As for Bliss, I do have more done - but we weren't talking for a few days. We made up last night. I am working on the giant flower. Pictures to come soon!


  1. She's beautiful! Your needles must've been smokin' to be done in a week!

    I'm glad you and Bliss are speaking again. I saw her on FB and she's coming along wonderfully.

  2. Wow! Nice job! (And super fast!!!)

  3. She's very beautiful! I am honestly surprised that I have never seen this one until you started stitching her. I love lavender, so I guess I have another to go on the wishlist, lol!

    Looking forward to seeing some more Bliss Fairy too. :)