Thursday, 3 May 2012

Its a......Mermaid!

Well I finally finished off the Mediterranean Mermaid - or Cleo as I call her.  Is it just me or is Mediterranean one of the hardest words to spell? (I am a bad speller).  The good news is that Miss. Cleo (the Mermaid - not the psycic) is for my unborn neice - yep its a girl! I'm very excited to have my first ever neice. 

So without further waiting - here is miss Cleo - aka Mediterranean Mermaid by Mirabilia stitched on Crafty Kitten 32 ct jazlyn on Daybreak.

I made some changes here: her eye for one is opened - I mistakenly took ./. for .\. and she ended up with beads in her hair. I skipped the tear drops on her necklace because they were $2 each x 3 - and I had enough invested in her.

She really is blingy.

Beautiful tail!  I also changed the clear bicones to blue ones - the blue ones were cheaper and I liked the colour of them.

The colour differences in the photos are simply outdoor light to indoor light. 

Honestly, I am glad to be putting this little girl to bed.  I am going to frame it for my sister. The baby is due late August, but my sister's birthday is May 21st. So I'm aiming for then. I am still working on Bliss. I don't have her with me or I would do an updated photo - coming soon.  I also just got the 3rd RR.  It has an open theme with a wish for fairies and mermaids - I chose Woodland Fairy and I have her all kitted up so she should be making an appearance soon too. 


  1. Congrats on the finish! She's beautiful! I bet your sister (and niece) will love it. :)


  2. Woohoo! Miss Cleo is one gorgeous mermaid. Man, she sure is blingy (is there such a word?) Love her sparkly tail. Congratulations!


  3. Amazingly beautiful!!!!!! I'm sure your sister and niece will treasure her!!!! She is next for me to stitch!!!!! So thank you for the inspiration!!!

  4. Cleo is absolutely stunning! I love her in all her blingy glory! Congrats on the finish.

  5. She is stunning indeed! very good job :)

  6. She's very the color that you choose... you make me want to start mine soon... :)

  7. I love it. Do you think Enchanted Mermaid will look as good in this fabric?