Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Round Robin, Round Robin!

Last week - exactly a week ago - I got my third round robin piece.  I am participating in an 8 project Round Robin and the theme is Mirabilia.  This round I got Debbie's and her piece was open to the stitchers.  As a stitcher I loved having an open theme - she asked for anything fantasy - pretty much any Mira would do! I personally have too many control issues to allow others to choose the designs on my Round Robin. Its not that I don't think they would choose a great pattern - I'm just particular about how I want the overall piece to look. 

So here is the block I chose to stitch for Debbie.  I stitched the Woodland Fairy - I did not make any pattern changes exept the sandy colour beads are a substitute - but very close to the suggested beads.

Oh - did I mention how much I hate blending filament? I really had a hard time getting that going - wow - I feel like I'm a good stitcher but that had me SO frustrated! I had a lot of suggestions to use thread heaven - I will pick that up if I am ever to do a full scale design with BF again!

Debbie's piece now has three complete blocks - Debbie did the Shimmering Mermaid, Julie did Silver Moon Tea (another on my to do list!).

Today I am picking up 11 new Mira patterns that I am buying from a lady that went out of business.  As they are new I have offered them to some Mira friends at my cost + shipping - OH YEAH - I'm keeping some to myself as well! I am excited to have them all in hand. I will take a picture because I know you like to look! LOL!

Now that my RR and Cleo are done I can concentrate on my Bliss Fairy again! I have missed her.  New updated photos soon!


  1. I love her Jocelyn, awesome!

  2. What a gorgeous RR! You did a great job with your block. Woodland Fairy is so sweet.


  3. She does look beautiful! I think now I need to play with the fabric viewer and Woodland Fairy ;)

  4. Your addition looks great. :) I agree, blending filament is evil!!! I have been stitching for over 20 years now, and I dread it when I have to use that stuff. I just had to used it on Tulip Pixie, after awhile, I got in a groove, and it was ok. Just my opinion, I have used thread heaven in the past, I hated it. I think it made my threads feel really greasy. :/